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Dominant Lady Joy lifts her feet and kicks your face under her rubber soles and she loves to twist your face under her feet!


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Sweat of her Shoes

If you like the smell of my feet you will love the smell of my shoe and flats …
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Vanessas sexy High Heels

Today you can crawl into Vanessas show if she lifts her sole


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Teen Mistress Angelina M. wants this worthless guy to lick her sweet Sneakers… a real pleasure for all sneakers lovers….
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Lady Manuela has a FOOTSLAVEDOG!… is a Slave to kiss her sneakers… Manuela has a dogslave…. she likes to smoke a cigarette and the dirty dog has to serve her dusty sneakers in the meanwhile.


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haha, its a dream of me living in a sweet girls stinky ballerina flat with her bare foot on my body walking with me inside her shoe :)


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At the park a young girl takes off her ballerina flats aand shows her bare sweet feet.


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Socks and Ratty Old Slippers
Well the title says it all foot freaks.

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Little ZOE puts a little salvegirl into her Ballerina flats and takes the shoes on. Great time for a little girl :)


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This was really disgusting (of course not for me but for my little foot doggy). I order him to clean my very very dirty and worn out ballerinas shoes. The soles are full of dirt and filth. To make the job a little more tasty for this loser I spit on my shoes several times. No he has to lick the dirt which is mixed up with my spit. After he has finished cleaning my shoes I make him lick my sweaty feet. At the end I force him to smell my old used shoes. 1920×1080 Full HD



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